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Steve Baldwin has solid history in traditional photography that is combined with a passion for digital opportunities. The experience and skill brought to every project is evident in the result. The goal at Studio Astute is to satisfy your needs in the best possible way.

Steve got into photography in pretty much the usual way. He discovered that if he was taking the family photos he could get out of being in them. This interest evolved into a passion, a BS degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in photography, and on to a career as a commercial photographer.

At the time Steve started in the business, digital photography was not an option. The extra care and knowledge required to work with the limitations of film has given Steve a solid footing of photographic fundamentals along with a passion to explore all he can with digital media. He is convinced he was always ready for digital, it just took years for the technology to catch up with him.

Thanks to the evolutions in photography Steve is now able to offer many things beyond his commercial photos. He has always done work for artists, only now he can not only photograph their work, but reproduce it as well.

Perhaps the most satisfying element of the digital world for Steve is being able to fix and manipulate images in the computer. This is especially true when it comes to photo restoration. Taking a torn, stained and faded image and bringing it back to its original glory is something that never ceases to give him an incredible amount of pleasure. When the finished product is delivered to the customer, Steve says he gets a bonus by their excitement with the finished result.

Another great option with digital is that photos can now be taken a step further than a straight photograph. Sure, most of the time it is best to use digital in subtle ways. However it is now possible to blur the line between photography and illustration. Steve has developed a technique that keeps the image looking photographic, but takes it a step further.

The pet photography arm of Studio Astute comes more from Steve’s love of animals than his interest in photography. What could be more logical than to combine the two loves?

Please check out these categories in more detail elsewhere on the web site and if you have any questions or comments, please contact Steve by email or phone.

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