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Like everything else we do, communication is the key to our success with our clients. Not everyone has the same criteria for their work and there is no reason why they should be expected to either pay for services they don’t need or not get the quality they expect. Our giclee and fine art reproduction clients are as varied as the work they create. Some drop their work off and let us shoot and reproduce it as we see fit. Others are by our side every step of the way, tweaking every small element of the work until we get a reproduction that is an exact match of the original. The approach is up to you.

Let’s get together and have a look at your work. Figure out what we need to do to give you what you are looking for. Do a “test run” to be sure we are on the same page. Once we agree on what the requirements are, we can try to fit this in with a price structure that works for you.

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