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These uncertain times.

I believe most of us are currently looking at our world in a different way. We are also finding ways to use our time. Often getting to ideas and projects that we have been putting off. Those old family photos that we have been meaning to get to could be one of those things. Chances are that there are a few cherished images that have become faded, stained, torn or damaged in some way. This is when you should call me. I may not be able to make the photo look like new (but then again, I just might), but at the very least I should be able to give it some new life. Also, another important consideration is the condition of the original photo will only get worse. With my archival inks and papers the image should be good for many more years to come. Studio Astute is a home based operation and can continue to work with social distancing. If fact we can arrange for you to drop your work off at my studio and not have to make face to face contact. Give me a call or drop me and email and let us discuss what I can do for you.

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